considered together

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The proposal for introduction of duties on export of ore, containing precious metals, is considered together with the development of a comprehensive plan for the construction of a gold processing plant.
The company said that considered together with a smaller recent U.
Villager Matt Wright said BOLT had yet to formally discuss the second application but the general feeling was that the two proposals should be considered together.
Individually, all four measures were significant; when considered together, only three measures were significant predictors for level of expertise (p less than 0.
In the field of child maltreatment, too often theory and practice exist in separate realms and are not considered together.
And the Lister Courthouse, Skandia Cinema and Stockholm City Library are considered together with Asplund's use of the Classical tradition, under the theme of 'Rites of Passage'.
Held clauses contained in a release agreement between a rugby football club and a player, when considered together with other interlocking agreements, were not void for uncertainty, for lack of consideration or as being in restraint of trade.
The participants, all drawn from the company's management team, started out learning broad principles in each area, then considered together how they might apply them within their own organization.
ecosystem: a biological community, including plants, animals, and microorganisms, considered together with its environment.
How does our understanding of Hofer's "architecture of absence" change when it is considered together with what we might term her "architecture of presence"--the late '70s photographic studies of Turkish Gastarbeiter (guest workers), congregating at home and at neighborhood hangouts in Cologne and Hamburg, that immediately preceded her shift to depopulated interiors?
The proportion of patients who were correctly diagnosed was 55% for EF determined by echocardiography alone, 67% for BNP assessment alone, and 82% when the two variables were considered together.
He explains why a player's on-base percentage (whether by a hit or a walk) and slugging percentage are more reflective of petting power when considered together rather than individually.