considered together

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??Cosan Limited (NYSE: CZZ) is an energy and infrastructure conglomerate and, when considered together with joint venture entities formed with Shell Brazil Holdings B.V.
Following such assessments, the board, with the support and recommendation of Ascent's management, has concluded that the expenditures of time and resources necessary to regain compliance with the requirement and to prepare for the August hearing, when considered together with the tenuous uncertainty of Ascent's ability to present a plan satisfactory to Nasdaq for regaining compliance, would not be in the best interests of Ascent's stockholders and that all such resources could be better focused on Monitronics' pending restructuring.
"The rising level of sales enquiries, when considered together with our previously announced product development initiatives, gives the board increasing confidence for the outlook for the next financial year and beyond," the company said in its statement Thursday.
In the high court's opinion on the seven requests, which were considered together, it stated the commission's "wholesale denial" of the requests were "in error."
'I cannot at this point, Madam Speaker, confirm which projects will qualify for basic assessment since they will be determined as part of the legislative review, but what I can confirm is that burrow pits, sand mining and quarries will be considered together with other activities during the project classification in the revised act,' he said.
applications received from the earlier invitation and this extension will be considered together. the panel will be our preferred suppliers of legal services from counsel.
Despite the rejection, it will still be part of the BARMM since votes within the ARMM are considered together.
I understand that Ceri is not the only woman to have raised complaints about her former line manager's behaviour but as far as she is aware they were not considered together.
Considered together, these transactions allow the company to redeploy the declining residual cash flow of legacy, non-core CBP assets, together with proceeds from the previously disclosed Parkside building sale for USD 10.3m, into an attractively priced, complimentary acquisition.
The prime minister stressed that the issue of introducing a moratorium on business inspection should be considered together with other measures to develop entrepreneurship in the country.
For his 11th pick, he chose "The Muqaddimah." "While much of what was believed then is now disproven after 700 years' progress, it's still interesting to see what was understood at the time and the overall world view when it's all considered together."
"Surgical repair of a hip fracture was associated with lower mortality among NH residents with advanced dementia and should be considered together with the residents' goals of care in management decisions," the authors write.