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When considering adding a new service, the HMO needs to consider the legal implications involved.
After much controversy and two postponing "amendments" (mandatory adoption is now scheduled for 1992), the Board is still actively considering the two aspects of the standard that led two Board members to dissent to its issuance--the recognition of deferred tax assets and the complexity of the tax accounting model.
State lawmakers are considering asking California voters in November to approve a $9 billion bond measure - up $3 billion from earlier estimates - to build the rail segments linking Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Many practitioners have set up S corporations for Federal purposes, without considering the tax implications at the state level.
ETHICS RULING 77 UNDER RULE 101: Individual Considering or Accepting Employment With the Client
The first issue for the team designated to manage the merger (board, president, committee, or whoever is managing the process) to evaluate is: Why are we considering a merger, and why now?
A number of companies are considering relocating their corporate headquarters to other states to save on their corporate tax as well as to reduce their employees' personal income tax.
Financial markets organizations that are considering investment in voice/data convergence solutions in the next 6 months
After considering SouthTrust Bank's entire record in all the assessment areas reviewed, examiners assigned a "high satisfactory" rating under the lending test for the bank as a whole.
When considering the making of the loan in the first place, the loan officer will consider the borrower's ability and willingness to pay back the loan.
When considering potential applicants' skills, former employees may be aware of qualified people, or may themselves be interested in coming back.
The CRA requires the Board, in considering HSBC's application to acquire RNYC and RNYC's subsidiaries, to review carefully the actual record of past performance of the insured depository institutions controlled by HSBC and RNYC in helping to meet the credit needs of their communities.