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n. a person or business holding another's goods for sale or for delivery to a designated agent. (See: consign)

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CONSIGNEE, contracts. One to whom a consignment is made.
     2. When the goods consigned to him are his own, and they have been ordered to be sent, they are at his risk the moment the consignment is made according to his direction; and the persons employed in the transmission of the goods are his agents. 1 Liverm. on Ag, 9. When the goods are not his own, if he accept the consignment, he is bound to pursue the instructions of the consignor; as if the goods be consigned upon condition that the consignee will accept the consignor's bills, he is bound to accept them; Id. 139; or if he is directed to insure, he must do so. Id. 325.
     3. It is usual in bills of lading to state that the goods are to be delivered to the consignee or his assigns, he or they paying freight; in such case the consignee or his assigns, by accepting the goods, by implication, become bound to pay the freight, Abbott on Sh. p. 3, c. 7, Sec. 4; 3 Bing. R, 383.
     4. When a person acts, publicly as a consignee, there is an implied engagement on his part that he will be vigilant in receiving goods consigned to his care, so as to make him responsible for any loss which the owner may sustain in consequence of his neglect. 9 Watts & Serg. 62.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A consignor that seeks to exclude its consignment from the UCC and still enjoy enhanced priority status in its consigned goods must prove that the consignee is generally known by Its creditors to be substantially engaged in selling the goods of others.
A consignor whose consignment arrangement is governed by UCC Article 9 and falls to properly file a UCC financing statement risks other creditors of the consignee obtaining judicial liens and security interests in the goods with priority over an unperfected consignor.
'Shouldn't we be checking if consignees have warehouses and are not hole-in-the-wall operations?' he said.
Even trucking companies doing business with the consignees should be made to register with the BOC, he said.
The consignee must have full capacity to act because legal agreements with third parties are entered on his own behalf.
The consignor and consignee's consent may be express or implied.
According to the same principle, the shipper will also be responsible for the information related to the consignee at the port of discharge, as the original consignment/consignee/destination information was provided by the shipper.
The Responsibility of the Consignee to Pay the Demurrage
The Kuwaiti legislator has counteracted such indecent action in Article 175(2) of the Maritime Law, which declares the rights and obligations of the consignee, who committed to the terms of the B/L as owner of the consignments, and confirmed that once the consignee attends to the carrier holding the B/L, the consignee shall be obliged by the conditions of the B/L.
Therefore, under UCC Section 2-326(2), the consigned goods were property of the consignee's/debtor's bankruptcy estate and were subject to the claims of the debtor's creditors.
Even where a consignment transaction is a "sale or return," the UCC protects the consignor from the claims of the consignee's creditors and from the effects of the consignee's bankruptcy filing where the consignee satisfies one of the following three requirements:
The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute study, which examined ways to relieve traffic congestion in metropolitan New York, surveyed more than 30 shippers, third-party logistics companies, warehouses, and consignees in that area.