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CONSIGNOR, contracts. One who makes a consignment to another.
     2. When goods are consigned to be sold on commission, and the property remains in the consignor; or when goods have been consigned upon a credit, and the consignee has become a bankrupt or failed, the consignor has a right to stop them in transitu. (q.v.) Abbot on Sh. p. 3, c.
     3. The consignor is generally liable for the freight or the hire for the carriage of goods. 1 T. R. 659.

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In 2015 alone, we're projected to pay consignors over $100 million from the resale of their luxury goods," said Wainwright.
Clients who wish to receive known consignor status will receive support from DHL Global Forwarding, which entails the creation of security-compliant programs and training courses for their staff.
Breeze-up consignors are often branded a pessimistic bunch but - after a tough and grimly unprofitable 2010 for most - they had lowered their sights when reinvesting in yearlings last year.
Trudeau said in other areas of the country weekend sales have grown to include more than 300 consignors.
This now concludes matters to the benefit of The Ronald Reagan Foundation, and protects the legacy of Ronald Reagan as a President of the United States," the consignor further mentioned.
If a return product gets shipped back to them they will not ask the consignor to repay the consignment fee issued.
The sale has an overall entry of 4,626 rams with 332 consignors.
George Mernagh, managing director of Tattersalls Ireland, which staged the first European breeze-up in 1977, added: "So many of the leading breeze-up consignors are based in Ireland and the new Tattersalls Ireland breeze-up will provide them with a locally based alternative to the Craven in Newmarket.
Our mission at The RealReal is to make the selling process as convenient as possible, which starts by giving consignors a number of frictionless ways to get their luxury goods to us.
In light of the current economy, the Canadian Consignor Summit provides our customers and other industry professionals with the opportunity to gather to address the challenges the automotive industry is currently facing.
Over the last couple years, we've seen our consignors turn into savvy shoppers, calling us on a daily basis from retail stores, asking what designer brands they should buy to get the highest resale value in the future.
Scarlet Rocks b f Chineur - Alexander Duchess Consignor Mountarmstrong Stud, purchased by Nick Shutts for EUR15,000 at the Tattersalls Ireland September Sale Owner Nick Shutts Trainer David Evans This daughter of King's Stand Stakes winner Chineur is the third foal out of a two-year-old winning sister to 1m6f Listed winner Jadalee.