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CONSIGNOR, contracts. One who makes a consignment to another.
     2. When goods are consigned to be sold on commission, and the property remains in the consignor; or when goods have been consigned upon a credit, and the consignee has become a bankrupt or failed, the consignor has a right to stop them in transitu. (q.v.) Abbot on Sh. p. 3, c.
     3. The consignor is generally liable for the freight or the hire for the carriage of goods. 1 T. R. 659.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(124) The statute notes that: "(a) The art dealer, after delivery of the work of fine art, shall constitute an agent of the artist for the purpose of sale or exhibition of the consigned work of fine art within the State of California;" and "(b) The work of fine art shall constitute property held in trust by the consignee for the benefit of the consignor, and shall not be subject to claim by a creditor of the consignee." (125) Like New York's statute, California's statute also provides that "proceeds from the sale of the work of fine art shall constitute funds held in trust by the consignee for the benefit of the consignor." (126)
If the consignor or consignee has a dock, platform, or ramp, the driver must load or unload packages or pieces that have the following dimensions:
1) Order receipt is carried out when a consignor places an order to deliver its products to the consignees.
It's been 50 years since the painting was supposedly given as a gift." After careful consideration, however, the consignor opted to resolve any issues and avoid the politicization of the masterpiece by donating it to an institution.
In a consignment transaction, the seller is the consignor, and the purchaser is the consignee, The consignor retains title to the goods delivered to the consignee, The consignee then holds the consigned goods for sale, or converts consigned raw materials to finished product for sale, Title to the consigned goods passes to the consignee when it uses or sells the goods.
The dialog will include the original consignor's (owner's) name and how long (days) item is past "transfer date."
Also as a specific element of the shipping contract is worth mentioning that, one party, the consignor, carries out his activity on a professional basis, undertaking the obligation to conclude on his behalf and on behalf of the other party, a transport agreement and to perform accessories operations.
Because QBE was not listed as the consignor or consignee on the AWB, it did not have standing to sue.
UCC Section 9-319(a) also states that a consignee acquires all of the consignor's rights in the consigned goods when the consignor's interest is not perfected.
The consignor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has nominated Leon Gallery to act on his behalf.
One of these two parties must agree to become the shipper, often called the consignor. This is the party designated to deal with the for-hire carrier and sign the contract of carriage known as the bill of lading.