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As to their military affairs, they boast that the king's army consists of a hundred and seventy-six thousand foot, and thirty-two thousand horse: if that may be called an army, which is made up of tradesmen in the several cities, and farmers in the country, whose commanders are only the nobility and gentry, without pay or reward.
There are two different kinds of realism, according as we make a thought consist of act and object, or of object alone.
Let the case be what it may in others," he says, "I am as confident as I am of anything that, in myself, the stream of thinking (which I recognize emphatically as a phenomenon) is only a careless name for what, when scrutinized, reveals itself to consist chiefly of the stream of my breathing.
Thought" in the narrower sense is that form of consciousness which consists in "ideas" as opposed to impressions or mere memories.
Realists, on the other hand, as a rule, suppress the content, and maintain that a thought consists either of act and object alone, or of object alone.
That situation consists in the best possible state of defense, and necessarily depends on the government, the arms, and the resources of the country.
The noise consists in a short, but not rough, nasal grunt, which is monotonously repeated about four times in quick succession: [6] the name Tucutuco is given in imitation of the sound.
In like manner, the excellence of the mental entertainment consists less in the subject than in the author's skill in well dressing it up.
As per details, the first bench would be headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Ch and would consist of Justice Tariq Pervez and Justice Ghulam Rabbani, the 2nd bench led by CJP would have Justice Shakirullah Jan and Justice Nasir ul Mulk.
The external sunshades running around the building at two levels, consist of curved and faceted aluminium aerofoil nosings mounted on a suspended substructure.
will now consist of three operating groups, including Media & Measurement, Marketing Information and Business Media.
The mortgage pool will consist of four distinct mortgage loan groups that contain conventional or FHA-insured or VA-guaranteed mortgage loans secured by first liens on one- to four-family residential properties.