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(In contrast, partners in a nonwithholding foreign partnership can be liable for 31% backup withholding at the time that payments are made to the foreign partnership, if the withholding agent does not have the required documentation pertaining to the partners and the payments consist of amounts not subject to 30% withholding.) Signing an agreement with the IRS to qualify as a withholding foreign partnership eliminates the potential liability for 31% backup withholding.
menelaus scales consist of folded stacks of chitin lying side by side to form long, parallel ridges.
Dubbed the "Green Way" or "Via Verde", the project will consist of 202 residential units, in addition to retail and community spaces, and parking to be build on an abandoned 60,000 s/ f city-owned lot in the South Bronx.
Memory strands consist of long sequences of bases subdivided into segments of a standard length that represent individual memory units.
As a residential development, such a tower could facilitate the construction of approximately 72 apartments, most of which would consist of highly desirable smaller units.
The visible fibers consist of bundles, which themselves consist of smaller bundles, and so on, down to the carbon nanotubes.
1 Linner Std ,Brand:Tiger Power-1 Set Consist Of 04 Nos 2 Piston Std ,Brand:Ipc-1 Set Consiting Of 4 Nos 3 Rings, 3 Groove Type 1 Set 4 Connecting Rod Bearing 20,Brand:Clevte-1 Set Consist Of 8 Nos 5 Main Bearing 20,Brand:Clevte-1 Set Consist Of 10 Nos 6 Thrust Washer 005,Brand:Clevte-1 Set Consist Of 4 Nos 7 Valve Inlet And Exhaust ,Brand:Evl-1 Set Consist Of 8 Nos 8 Valve Guide,Brand:Evl-1 Set Consist Of 8 Nos 9 Major O/H Gasket-1 No.
The Hills, Rivington's first neighborhood, will consist of town home designs ranging from 1,500 to 2,725 s/f, along with a variety of mid-rise condominium residence styles from 1,190 to 1,549 s/ f.
The artificial chromosome will consist of only two telomeres joined by a centromere, forming a blank "cassette" into which researchers can insert single human genes for study,
On-site and off-site construction shall consist of grading, storm drainage, utilities, site improvements, paving, landscaping, and fencing.
The first development will consist of 125 condominium units while the second development will be built as a 137-unit condominium project.
A glycophore can consist of different configurations of atoms as long as one atom, or one group of atoms, has a hydrogen attached, and two nearby atoms can pull extra electrons in close enough to have a negative charges.