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CONSISTENT. That which agrees with something else; as a consistent condition, which is one which agrees with all other parts of a contract, or which can be reconciled with every other part. 1 Bouv. Just. n. 752,

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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bishops' pro-life committee when his seminal talk connected poverty, euthanasia, nuclear war, abortion and other life issues into a single "consistent ethic of life at every stage and in every circumstance."
In each sex, three trajectory classes were identified: consistent sport participators, dropouts, and non-participators (48, 34, and 18 percent, respectively) among females and consistent sport participators, dropouts, and sport joiners (55, 37, and 8 percent, respectively) among males.
Consistent participants are more likely to have larger account balances than the average worker.
The study, "What Does Consistent Participation in 401(k) Plans Generate?
This major unification would affect all products and services across platforms and this project is dubbed as 'Quantum Paper.' The search giant is banking on Quantum Paper to provide consistent interface and user experience to customer, irrespective of the device or the platform from which they are connecting to Google's services.
Gathered at the Chicago Theological Union's Bernardin Center for the Consistent Ethic of Life, the contributors to Nairn's volume sought to advance such an ethic by answering two questions: (1) what do the different advocates of life ethics and of social justice bring to notions of a consistent ethic of life?
Consistent producers hold themselves accountable to achieve the goals they have set.
Crossed has since put her energies into fighting for a consistent ethic of life as a founding member and past executive director of Consistent Life, a board member of Feminists for Life of New York, and a founding member and vice president for state chapter development of Democrats for Life.
For example, the amount of titanium present in the spectrographic analysis can be used effectively as a quality control tool to verify that the grain refining process is consistent. Once grain size has been validated through thermal analysis or metallographic examination, it can be correlated to the titanium level measured by spectrographic analysis.
In this paper I critically examine an argument proposed by Graham Priest in support of the claim that the observable world is consistent. According to this argument we have good reason to think that the observable world is consistent, specifically we perceive it to be consistent.
Findings on our review of the patient's sinus CTs were not consistent with the range and severity of her symptoms, so we obtained further imaging.

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