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The teachers make very fine discriminations about student performances; these are consistently articulated to the student, so that the student learns to make the same discriminations independently.
Identifying quality black hole parts is easy--just look at the stack of NCRs on your quality manager's desk, see which orders consistently ship partial (i.
These consistently striking works are characterized by a tone of shock and awe that's tempered by hard-edged beauty.
The feedback also consistently addressed Chris' delivery style.
Catholic public officials who consistently support abortion on demand are cooperating with evil in a public manner.
However, men who used condoms consistently were less likely than those who used them inconsistently to have gonorrhea, chlamydia or genital herpes (0.
Donnelly, executive vice president, has consistently ranked among Cushman & Wakefield's Top 10 brokers nationwide and was number one in New Jersey for ten consecutive years.
While Chrysler still clearly needs to improve its cost structure, what drove its success (and why Daimler originally bought the company) is that it consistently produced vehicles the American consumer wanted to buy.
The "primary use" can be determined using any reasonable method consistently applied.
Four main themes, however, are consistently referenced in discussions concerning the test for compliance:
The spe cter of Michel Foucault in particular floats over this work, but historiographical debates consistently take a back seat to Midelfort's attempts to understand sixteenth-century madness in its own terms -- hence too the general use of "madness" rather than modern clinical terms.
Results of an independent t-test showed that students with higher degree of self-efficacy were more likely to use condoms consistently.