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CONSISTORY, ecclesiastical law. An assembly of cardinals convoked by the pope. The consistory is public or secret. It is public, when the pope receives princes or gives audience to ambassadors; secret, when he fills vacant sees, proceeds to the canonization of saints, or judges and settles certain contestations submitted to him.
     2. A court which was formerly held among protestants, in which the bishop presided, assisted by some of his clergy, also bears this name. It is now held in England, by the bishop's chancellor or commissary, and some other ecclesiastical officers, either in the cathedral, church, or other place in his diocese, for the determination of ecclesiastical cases arising in that diocese. Merl. Rep. h.t.; Burns' Dict. h.t.

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As popularized in novels and movies, the world awaits the color of the smoke wafting from the chimneys of the consistory chambers.
However, Sir Mark Hedley, Chancellor of the Diocese of Liverpool and a judge of the Consistory Court, granted permission for removal of the pews which seat more than 300 people.
The consistory has been pilloried as institutionalized snooping at best, as a sort of inquisition at worst, and the Servetus Affair has stamped Calvin's reputation with the seal (and zeal) of a religious fanatic, ready to slay all in the name of his despotic god.
Charles Mynors, a judge of the Consistory Court, has now ruled that exhumation offered "an opportunity to rectify that error".
Becker refers to the earlier work by Timothy Fehler on the Emden diaconate (Poor Relief and Protestantism), also active in aspects of church discipline, but argues that the consistory was increasingly the primary locus for disciplinary matters.
In his Draft Ecclesial Ordinances, he proposed the establishment of two institutions in Geneva: the Consistory and the Company of Pastors.
While decorating the tables at Denver Consistory for District 20 and 16's 8th annual Nurse-Legislator Connection Dinner I spoke with a server, who proudly stated she was a nurse.
President McAleese, who led the Irish delegation at the consistory, said Cardinal Brady was a tremendously pastoral man of great humility, underpinned by great scholarship, who deserved the honour.
After four plans, two architects, six years, an independent architect's enquiry and a consistory court (the ecclesiastical equivalent to a public enquiry), they offered a generous grant on the condition that the parish raise a quarter of the funds needed, approximately 80,000 [pounds sterling].
He was a 33rd-degree Mason and belonged to the Masonic Consistory 301 in Pacoima.
This was initiated by the Pope in 1994 when he called for a Special Consistory to prepare for the Great Jubilee at the starting point of the third millennium involving the Catholic world as a whole.
The then Archbishop Pell was attended at the consistory by a party of over a hundred persons, including one of his Auxiliaries, Bishop Anthony Fisher op, seven members of the Archbishop's immediate family, the Chancellor (13) and Business Manager (14) of the Archdiocese of Sydney, the Archbishop's Private Secretary (15) and clergy and laity from Sydney, Melbourne, England and the United States.