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Lijphart maintains that societal division and democracy can be reconciled through consociation (1977: 1).
Theoretically, consociation and transversalism present two fundamentally distinct approaches to democracy in divided societies.
This statement reflects the inimicality of consociation to the reconfiguration of power relations, and also illuminates its bias against non-ethnic parties.
In so doing, consociation has not only institutionalized sectarianism by consolidating each nationalist bloc, but has also privileged national identity over other factors, such as gender (Cowell-Meyers: 87).
In addition to nationalist opposition, consociation enshrines the discourse of realism.
And an Address to the Public on the Promotion of Virtue and Good Works (New Haven, 1816); Congregational Churches in Connecticut, Fairfield West Consociation, A Calm Dissuasive against Intemperance; or, An Awful View of the Horrors and Miseries of Drunkenness Philadelphia, 1816), 18-19; "The Cogitations of Uncle John," Middlesex Gazette, Ibid.
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He considers why the efforts failed, whether the failure was inevitable and if so why they were used again, the impact of external pressures, and whether such consociation can be successful in the absence of positive external pressures.
4) While the totalitarian state seeks to delegitimize and supprerss all lesser groups, the liberal democratic state, with its commitment to maintaining a private sphere, permits ongoing consociation.
Recent publications sponsored by the Johannes Althusius Gesellschaft have investigated such topics as consensus and consociation in early modern federalism and the concept of subsidiarity in church, state, and society.
These map units are further broken down into three soil complexes (GpF3, GuD3 and GuE3), five soil consociations (Cg, Ha, MoB, VaD and VsE) and one miscellaneous land type (W).
Of the twelve soil map units in the official map, one complex (GuE3) and two consociations (Sb and MoC) were not identified through geovirtual soil mapping.