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Consociational experiments in the Western Balkans: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.
Turning back to our general theoretical framework based on continuum between narrow and broad understanding of peace, the rather narrow consociational approach focuses on cooperation between particular Eastern ethno-nationalist ideologies while the broader integrative approach seeks to form nationalism of the Western kind.
Besides the fact that political parties are divided along linguistic lines, there are two other important aspects to Belgium's consociational model (Deschouwer 2009; Verleden 2009; Vigour 2009).
based on the consociational model, ranging from a presidency that would
See Jung & Shapiro, supra note 9, at 273 (concluding that consociational systems work against political competition).
The two major normative models of conflict management are consociational theory and the centripetal model.
The consociational approach has a well-specified menu of institutions, whereas the centripetal approach is at home with a variety of governmental institutions, presidential or parliamentary, provided that appropriate incentives are built in.
It is almost drawing candidates from all social segments as enunciated by Arend Lijipart in his consociational democracy (Lijipart 1989).
The chapter by Shmuel Sandler and Aaron Kampinsky about Israel's religious parties explains Arend Lijphart's consociational model and then attempts to cover three religious parties, all in fifteen pages.
Lebanon has come to satisfy the conditions under which most consociational systems have arisen.
John Wanna, 'Queensland: consociational factionalism or ignoble cabal', in Warhurst and Parkin, The Machine, p.
In actual operation, the system's consociational features and the complex fragmentation of authority make coherent policy extremely difficult.