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The Stream consociations occur in the valley bottoms of principal streams: El Salto (Lithic Humitropept), El Sura-Saltito (Typic Humitropept), and El Taconazo (Typic Tropaquept).
The two consociations are both classified as Andic Humitropepts (Sollins et al.
An edaphic explanation for Iriartea's distribution within the Alluvium is unlikely given: (1) the species' lack of variation with topography; (2) its virtual omnipresence in all four soil types (within the Alluvium, omnipresent in the Holdridge consociation); (3) that both strongly edaphically varying species, Euterpe and Prestoea, had equal estimated densities on the two Alluvium consociations (Appendix); and (4) the similarity of the two consociations.
Between the Experimental and Holdridge consociations of the Alluvium, for example, both species showed significant density differences in three of the four size classes.
If there is anything at all to which one might object in this welcome and timely project of reediting the only existing translation of one of the classical texts in the history of political thought, it is the translation of consociation (consociatio) with association.