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Other contributors concentrate on, among other things, the consolatio.
Knappe expresses herself so carefully that it is often difficult to see if she, in fact, distances herself from the opinion expressed by a scholar; for example, that The Wanderer is a consolatio as was suggested by the late J.
Wheel and springtime vegetation are connected, as in the Consolatio ad Apollonium from Plutarch's Moralia:
Even Peggy Knapp, whose reading of the Canterbury Tales focuses on the "contest" among social and generic "discourses" both among and within the individual tales, does not mention fabliau among the genres - epic, romance, "aristocratic chronicle," and Boethian consolatio - she sees contesting the generic space of the Knight's Tale (28-31).
inseruerit) in the work as a whole--is a (parody of a) consolatio (simul illum seque consolans): Domitian offers consolation for his and his friend's receding hair.
This can be altered by a more theological description: mutua consolatio sororum et fratrum, the mutual comforting of sisters and brothers.
Haec enim significant omnia illa verba isthic posita, estque contritio vera tanta tristitia ut hominem extinguere possit vel ad laqueum adigere nisi consolatio misericordiae eam mitigaret.
Returning to Najera, he spent his remaining years on a translation of De consolatio philosophiae (Consolation of Philosophy) by the Roman scholar Boethius (ADc.
Durante esta etapa, Llull compone los siguientes libros: De contemplatione Raymundi (1297), en donde se incluyen diversos tratados como sobre los diez modos de contemplar a Dios o sobre el rapto; el Tractatus novus de astronomia (1297); la Investigate generalium mixtionum secundum Artem generalem (1298); la Disputatio eremitae et Raimundi super aliquibus quaestionibus Sententiarum Magistri Petri Lomarbi (1298); el Arbor philosophiae amoris (original en catalan, 1298); la Consolatio Venetorum et totius gentis deseolatae (1298); el Ars compendiosa (1299); De quadratura et triangulatura circuli (1299); De arte electionis (1299); Liber de geometria nova et compendiosa (1299); y las Quaestiones Attrebatenses.
The Consolatio of Boethius is another of the works whose appearance in both of Grey's manuscript collections is predictable; at Cape Town he also owned a Latin commentary on this famous text.
The obvious exceptions to Lewis's antipathy towards allegory include his self-consciously Bunyanesque first novel, The Pilgrim's Regress (1933)--which bears the unambiguous subtitle "An Allegorical Apology for Christianity, Reason, and Romanticism"--and also The Great Divorce (1945), a somewhat more novelistic work that nevertheless belongs to the ancient genre of the dream vision, itself the major locus of allegorical narrative in the Middle Ages (Boethius's Consolatio, Alain de Lille's De planctu naturae, the Roman de la Rose, Dante's Commedia, Piers Plowman).
In Philodemus and in Lucretius we are counselled to derive consolatio from the fact that we will not be conscious in death, we will have no sensation of the corruption of our corpses, we will not suffer, because we will no longer be conscious.