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Moreover, his father, who was a man of thorough instruction, omitted no opportunity to consolidate this keen intelligence by serious studies in hydrography, physics, and mechanics, along with a slight tincture of botany, medicine, and astronomy.
It's taken a long time, but we've pretty nearly done it," he said; "it remains to consolidate.
Bureaucracy, made up entirely of petty minds, stands as an obstacle to the prosperity of the nation; delays for seven years, by its machinery, the project of a canal which would have stimulated the production of a province; is afraid of everything, prolongs procrastination, and perpetuates the abuses which in turn perpetuate and consolidate itself.
Small streams of water, flowing underground, complete the disorganization of the vegetable matter, and consolidate the whole.
In its financial statements, C consolidates N and includes $60 net income ($100 - $40 minority interest) on Part I, line 4.

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