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Then type this formula in B8 of the Consolidating workbook:
To see how it works, save and close the Consolidating workbook and save the SubsidiaryA workbook as SubNew.
Links in the Consolidating workbook still will refer to SubsidaryA.
Sterling Laylock, an Atlanta-based financial advisor, says that consolidating will lower your monthly payments, "but if you stretch the payback period, you may actually pay more over the long run.
In June 1998, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand released an exposure draft, ED-84 Consolidating Investments in Subsidiaries, that proposed "Control by one entity over another exists where the first has the capacity to exercise a power of an ownership form, or has previously exercised a power of an ownership form which has established an irreversible mechanism, to direct the pohcies that guide the activities of the second entity in circumstances where the first entity has a current or future entitlement to a significant level of the net ownership benefits that arise from the activities of the second entity" [paragraph 4.
Contrary to many investors' fears, consolidating your retirement accounts is a simple process, and mutual fund companies are making it easier all the time.
At American Century, investors can get help consolidating retirement assets with its Rollover Advisor service, which provides consultative advice on assets rolled over from a previous employer's retirement plan to a Rollover IRA account.
Unfortunately, consolidating retirement assets is something few workers have considered.
Other reasons given for not consolidating include: "no time" (15 percent), "hadn't thought about it" (15 percent), and "too complicated" (14 percent).
HP's new global implementation service is designed for customers who are consolidating systems, or who are relocating operations and require end-to-end IT integration, deployment and relocation services.
While consolidating HP systems, customers also can receive a consolidated, mission-critical support contract.

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