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Three major consolidators -- Dynasty Financial, AMG Wealth Partners and Mariner Wealth Advisors -- grew their affiliated assets under management by a five-year compound annual growth rate of more than 45% from 2011 to 2016, according to Cerulli Associates.
For over 12 years, FareBuzz has provided Travel Agents the best in consolidator fares and customer service to destinations around the world.
The consolidator can obtain these reduced rates, also known as bulk rates, because it enters into a special agreement with the travel vendor.
But as a relationship between an insurer and a consolidator matures, the insurer becomes confident in the level of work being produced and reinspects fewer than 20% of repaired vehicles, Benjamin said.
Centerprise Advisors originally appeared to be the crown jewel of the consolidator community.
Bargains always come with a price, so before rushing to the Internet or the travel section of a major newspaper for the consolidator of your choice, be aware of a few potential drawbacks.
When it comes to the consolidator with the most dramatic and fast-moving strategy, the winner hands down is Century Business Services.
Insurers are answering the demands from customers for prompt claim repair by turning to technology or forming alliances with home center megastores and groups of auto body shops, or consolidators.