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The SECP has pointed out that the existing compensation limit of Rs 20,000 prescribed for death or bodily injury under the saved Chapter VIII of the repealed Motor Vehicles Act, 1939 is meager and not in consonance with the present day requirements.
At saka 'yong magiging kasunduan ay in consonance with our laws, particularly the Constitution," Binay said.
Spanta's views are not in consonance with excellent Pakistan-Afghanistan counterterrorism cooperation.
HB 5887, seeks to "update the terminologies used in the country's policy on employment of foreign nationals, in consonance with those we have used in our agreements with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)," the author explained.
He also asked the Pakistan government to review its foreign policy in consonance with the House's joint resolution on terrorism.
The unique project themed as Camping paradise is aimed at initiating an environment-friendly activity at the grassroots level to promote domestic tourism, generate income for local populace, create opportunities for healthy recreation that is consonance with the local heritage and culture.
Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have failed to work in consonance with the agenda and mandate people had given to them during general election, he alleged.
This would be Krishna's first visit to Nepal after assuming charge as Minister of External Affairs and is in consonance with the ongoing high-level bilateral interaction between the two countries.
Dr Khan said the strategy for promotion of teachers on merit and achievements was in consonance with the standard laid down by the internationally top recognized universities which would help in enhancement of professional skill.
The arrangements to which we have agreed are fully in consonance with our sovereignty and national interest.
Counsel for Muhammad Malik took the plea in the court that IHC had given decision without hearing him therefore suspending him this way is not in consonance with law.