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The SECP has pointed out that the existing compensation limit of Rs 20,000 prescribed for death or bodily injury under the saved Chapter VIII of the repealed Motor Vehicles Act, 1939 is meager and not in consonance with the present day requirements.
According to Lakhani, "We anticipate initiatives to be announced in consonance with government sponsored banks to pick up these larger projects.
The EC, in its latest communication, has asked the CBDT to take action against the defaulting parties under the provisions of the Representation of the People Act in consonance with the Income-Tax (I-T) laws.
La Belgique a battu les Etats-Unis 4 a 2 lors d'un match amical domine par des Diables rouges a forte consonance anglaise (dix joueurs de Premier League dans l'effectif) et marque par des largesses defensives americaines, avant-hier mercredi a Cleveland (nord-est).
Joseph, now three ahead of Pat Smullen, who recorded a double on Consonance and Three Kingdoms in the race for the Jockeys Championship, had earlier initiated a double for his father Aidan when the one-eyed debutant Eye Of The Storm won the opening two-year-old maiden.
McMullin's Augustinian Settlement: The Consonance between Faith and Science, PAUL ALLEN
In keeping with Articles 200, read with 254 ( 2) of the Constitution, state Bills that need to be in consonance with national or Central policies require the assent of the President.
Back to the Flat action on a quietly appealing card and Consonance is of intrigue in the extended mile handicap.
The source added that this false news promoted by al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and the Israeli Channel and the simultaneity and consonance among them comes in the framework of raising the deteriorating spirits of the terrorist groups after the crushing blows which they were dealt by the Syrian Arab Army.
The project will expand access in particular to the increasing numbers of high school graduates in consonance with the needs of the labour market.
The NCMF, created by Republic Act 9997, is mandated to preserve and develop the culture, tradition, institutions, and well-being of Muslim Filipinos, in conformity with the country's laws and in consonance with national unity and development.
The individual segments have been analyzed for the latest trends in consonance with the mega trends at the tires level.