consonant with

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General Rosas could not have known of this rising; but it appears to be quite consonant with the plans of his party.
Thus, an identical loss in d' sensitivity would produce a smaller dB SNR change for a consonant with a steep performance/intensity (P/I) function than for a consonant with a shallow P/I function.
Vowel marks (VM) or half-vowels are also used in modifying a consonant with a vowel sound.
These figures don't tell us much, except that it is difficult to find a word-final affixal consonant with a closure, and that if we want to find evidence to back up the 2002 findings for the disjunct boundary, we'll have to look further.
Affirming the dignity of each human being, it supports liberty and opportunity consonant with social and planetary responsibility.
But Eccollo then ran into the back of Glenbuck, and he appeared to clip the heels of that horse and come down, bringing Consonant with him.
Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, primate of Southern Africa, distanced himself from the communique The archbishop was present at the meeting but was not consulted on the document, which contained parts "not consonant with the position of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.
Every line of it is entirely consonant with George W.
The subtle black line defining the faces of these sixteenth-century thinkers recalls prints from that era, and the carved frames that surround the two portraits are consonant with the style of the works.
Human population growth is a huge problem, taking an ever-increasing toll on the Earth's resources; but we can take the measure of this problem and find a remedy that is consonant with universally shared human values.
In the tyrant king's downfall, for instance, audiences recognized the rejection of Machiavelli's amoralism and an emerging political philosophy more consonant with the prevailing values of the Counter Reformation.
policy is not in the interests of the ordinary Israeli, it is true that the Israeli elite sees its interests consonant with that of the U.