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In this case, the relative stability of consonantal information, as well as most suprasegmental information, could have made up for the deficiencies in vowel cues.
Contrary to what was hypothesised the prevailing feature misdecoded in consonant sounds corresponded to mismatching in the action of the vocal folds rather than in the point of articulation of the consonantal segments.
W Like J, the letter W is a relatively recent addition to the English alphabet, originating as a consonantal variant of the double U; U in turn was originally a variant form of the letter V.
no consonantal cluster are analyzed in the following way.
Para explicar a presenca do segmento consonantal /-z/, a autora, que considera tratar-se de um infixo, afirmar que e mais "correto recorrer ao -c- do latim nos substantivos navicella, avicella e *domnicellus que podiam ser tambem a proveniencia do infixo -c- do espanhol e do italiano" (SKORGE, 1957, p.
Abreviamos ataques complexos compostos por um som consonantal e um som rotico como CR e ataques complexos compostos por um som consonantal e um som rotico como CL.
It is a consonantal alphabet with about 40 geometric letters.
There ate a total of ten stanzas (forty lines) in "Poema de los dones" while "Arte poetica" contains seven stanzas (twenty-eight lines) yet both ate written in hendecasyllabic quatrains with consonantal rhyme (ABBA), with the exception of the second stanza of "Poema de los dones," which alternates the rhyme scheme slightly (ABAB).
each of them symmetrically followed by one consonantal phoneme .
In other early poetry one hears occasional echoes of the terse physicality of John Donne, and the consonantal word-play of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Katz first analyses the phonetic elements of hip-hop rhymes, and manages to confirm a few basic points: first, that hip-hop strongly favours matching rhymes in the nucleus of a syllable (where a rhyming syllable consists of a consonantal onset, a vocalic nucleus, and a consonantal or vocalic coda); matches are also favoured in the coda, though less strongly; but matching in the onset is very strongly avoided, much more than chance would dictate.