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noun accompanier, associate, colleague, comate, comes, companion, compeer, comrade, confrère, conjugal partner, copartner, escort, fellow, fellow compannon, helpmate, husband, marital partner, maritus, marriage partner, mate, partner, socius, spouse, wife
Associated concepts: alienation of affections, criminal connersation, loss of consortium
See also: accompany, cartel, coactor, colleague, consociate, contributor, copartner, join, spouse

CONSORT. A man or woman married. The man is the consort of his wife, the woman is the consort of her husband.

References in classic literature ?
She flew above the doomed American fleet while the Prince by wireless telegraphy directed the movements of her consorts.
And of individuals who consort with the mob and seek to please them?
Moreover a blunt and stolid regard for literal truth indisposes them to make those lavish promises by which the more judicious Circle can in a moment pacify his consort.
At one end of the chamber, upon massive golden thrones encrusted with diamonds, sat Than Kosis and his consort, surrounded by officers and dignitaries of state.
It has not been seen in our times that such fortresses have been of use to any prince, unless to the Countess of Forli,[*] when the Count Girolamo, her consort, was killed; for by that means she was able to withstand the popular attack and wait for assistance from Milan, and thus recover her state; and the posture of affairs was such at that time that the foreigners could not assist the people.
A man of honour and self-respect such as I am finds it painful and grievous to have to consort with men who would deprive him of both.
You said that His Majesty, King Charles, my august consort, had been condemned to death by a majority of his subjects
This fellow, it appears, was one of those desperadoes of the frontiers, outlawed by their crimes, who combine the vices of civilized and savage life, and are ten times more barbarous than the Indians with whom they consort.
In private, men are more bold in their own humors; and in consort, men are more obnoxious to others' humors; therefore it is good to take both; and of the inferior sort, rather in private, to preserve freedom; of the greater, rather in consort, to preserve respect.
From what you say, this is a poor sort of consort for a man to sail with.
Squeers, meanwhile, opened the shutters and blew the candle out; when the voice of his amiable consort was heard in the passage, demanding admittance.
For as her consort still, enthroned with Justice above,

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