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A generic conspectus of the tribe Procleticini Pennington (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae), with the description of Paraodmalea rubella, new genus and species.
In the last chapter, "Serial Verb Constructions: Conspectus and Coda" (pp.
prospectus, conspectus (Both are overviews of something.
The University of California/Stanford Map Libraries Group (UCSMLG) is still using the Research Library Group (RLG) conspectus portion for maps and geospatial data.
In an opening discussion of free speech, Kiberd reaches from Matthew Arnold to Paul Simon in a conspectus whose gravitas recalls Lionel Trilling.
And while this most useful addition to the Cambridge series does fulfill the aim of providing a conspectus of recent developments in the (contextualist) interpretation of Montaigne, it could have been enriched by some attention to how ideas in the Essays--even philosophical ideas--appear in the light of recent "textualist" or poststructuralist readings.
French ambers: a general conspectus and the Lowermost Eocene amber deposit of Le Quesnoy in the Paris Basin.
In his survey of the last eighty years or so, Watkin has done well to give us such a broad conspectus, and he rightly says it is too soon to judge, for example, Deconstructivist buildings or to predict how soon they will fall out of fashion.
This encyclopedic treatment can serve as a plant identifier and a systematic conspectus of North American flora.
Australian Artillery Dress--a conspectus of dress, insignia and accoutrements worn by the colonial artilleries and the RAA.
Sino-Tibetan: A Conspectus (contributing editor: James A.
These words and phrases serve as a grab-bag for holding a plethora of postmodern Southern writers--and O'Gorman provides an excellent conspectus of them in his final chapter--who have little in common with O'Connor and Percy.