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Iodine maps obtained immediately after radiofrequency ablation have shown better lesion conspicuity and internal homogeneity of the ablation zone, providing an additional benefit for assessing the safety margin after radiofrequency ablation.
This function is used when parking in narrow unlit streets to provide parked vehicle conspicuity to approaching drivers.
Common solutions in the Human Factors literature are aimed at the systems, management, and individual level and include automation, equipment simplification, conspicuity improvement, simulation training, but education and in-service (Reason et al 2001 ii23), use of memory aids such as checklists (Etchells et al 2006) and enforcing vigilance (Simmons and Graves 2008) merely 'relocate' the focus of attention, compounding fundamental surprise.
Flights that are identified by the aircraftOs own automatically downlinked aircraft identification are assigned a Mode S conspicuity transponder codeNA1000Nto alert controllers, especially those using legacy systems, to the flightOs status.
2) Early clinical results show that, in comparison with FFDM, DBT has higher conspicuity (Fig.
Wheel stop conspicuity is especially critical in dimlylit, nighttime conditions.
3M will also showcase its Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tape which is six times brighter than conventional markings.
There is some evidence that pedestrians' conspicuity with retroreflective materials improves drivers' recognition of pedestrians at night, but simply adding a vest over clothing was not effective (Wood, Tyrrell, & Carberry, 2005).
Existing guidelines (for example, the ILE Outdoor Lighting Guide [ILE 2005]) tend to recommend a luminance ratio between an object and its background according to the degree of conspicuity (saliency) required, with a higher luminance contrast being recommended for a higher degree of conspicuity.
The company's Forza-based research motorcycle, used in the same project, represents a further evolution of the vehicle-to-vehicle communications system developed from the previous model's preventive safety technologies and provides further enhancements to the FACE and LONG conspicuity designs, which make motorcycles more noticeable and correctly identifiable to other motorists.
Tyrrell RA, Brooks J, Balk SA, Carpenter TL, Pedestrian Conspicuity at Night: How Much Biological Motion is Enough?
Conspicuity of bone lesions was higher on DWI than other MRI sequences in 9/11 cases.