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Having said that, the question that arises is would the attainment of this vital objective be possible in the prevailing air of mistrust between the two sides, and the conspicuously negative role that India is continuing to play in the referenced matter?
The order requires Cowboy Toyota to clearly and conspicuously disclose all financing and lease terms in its ads, as well as all related qualifications or restrictions.
a) In the case of a raw agricultural commodity, on the package offered for retail sale, with the words 'genetically engineered' stated clearly and conspicuously on the front of the package of such a commodity, or in the case of such a commodity that is not separately packaged or labeled, on a label appearing on the retail store shelf or bin where such a commodity is displayed for sale;
Having injected the Monkeys' sound with a much-needed shot of adrenaline, here they let their own tunes fizzle and fade, while a top-drawer guest list conspicuously fails to fire.
Although there were no major withrawals in May, new investments have also been conspicuously absent.
Poised conspicuously on Cagliari's seafront, Hadid's agglomeration of fluidly plastic forms will be hard to avoid.
Varig was conspicuously absent from last weekend's Star Alliance meeting and ceremony in Istanbul, prompting speculation about whether or not the struggling Brazilian carrier remains a viable component of Star.
Augustine has historically been awarded to clergy and lay people of foreign churches who have contributed conspicuously to advancing friendly relations with the churches of the Anglican Communion," Lambeth Palace said in a statement.
Without once uttering the words of his album's title (which sprung from a neighbor's comment overheard by his wife), Keith speaks crystal-clear, un-PC volumes about the conferral of privilege and the iconography of a continually in-flux experience of contextual whiteness placed in combat with conspicuously non-white cultures.
He often fails to appear at important meetings or, if he is present, often leaves conspicuously early.