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Results have been equivocal with regard to the differential role of actual and ideal self-concept and consumption conspicuousness (Malhotra, 1988).
18) Calvino's device rests, instead, and once again with scant interest from scholars, on inner rituals acquiring a new form of conspicuousness just before the word finis.
A manipulation check was conducted to confirm that the conspicuousness of these two services was perceived to be different.
Theatre and Fashion charts both the increasing visibility of fashion-house designers in the making of theatrical production (for the conspicuousness of which see the Criterion's decision to employ the same interior decorator to refurbish the theatre's stalls and to build the set for Jones's The Liars in 1897) and also the significance of dress as a controversial, and compelling dramatic subject.
1995), "Self-concept and advertising effectiveness: the influence of congruency, conspicuousness, and response mode", Psychology and Marketing, Vol.
For instance, it pointed a spotlight on the size and conspicuousness of U.
Consequently, her conspicuousness was partly a result of the fact that the inhabitants of the city had kept themselves so amazingly white.
Another factor that facilitates enforcing property rights in indigenous genetic resources is the conspicuousness of well-organized prospecting activities.
The basis of the comparison, however, is not a relationship of authority but the conspicuousness ([UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED]) of that which is superior.
Table 1 Rotated Factor Patterns Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Variables Conspicuousness Homogeneity Variation Age - Old -.
Certain elements of visual display were used to make the sign effective: conspicuousness, legibility, and simplicity.
Our hypothesis about the conspicuousness of noncompliance proved to be less useful; it helped to explain perceptions in only two sites.