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Moreover, distinct color patterns, when coupled with courtship behavior, may enhance the conspicuousness of the color, thereby serving to attract the attention of potential mates (Thresher 1984; Kodric-Brown 1998).
In this study, we performed a field replication of the earlier study to determine whether a measurable difference exists in the relative conspicuousness of APS among a sample of low-vision subjects in an ecologically valid environment [8].
The conspicuousness of his oversize person and the awkwardness of not fitting in are the generative conditions of his practice, as seen in the show's thirty-three works, spanning 1994 to 2007.
This conspicuousness of "truly" in Sidney's Defence may underlie Touchstone's rationalization of his wish that the gods had made Audrey poetical in As You Like It 3.
Rather, these popular cultural practices were ritualistic in nature, and were modes and styles of consumption that invested individuals and groups with conspicuous identities of difference, and in this conspicuousness offered a means to assault social norms and conventions.
Overlying and underlying normal breast tissue is separated away from the lesion in depth, thereby increasing the lesion's conspicuousness.
Private jet marketing explicitly emphasizes the elite status and conspicuousness of this consumption.
Catbird nests are constructed deep within the shrub interior, which may minimize conspicuousness to predators (Cimprich and Moore 1995).
is that without conspicuousness the term would not be adequately
Heidegger uses the terms conspicuousness, obtrusiveness, and obstinacy to indicate types of disruption (pp.
Readers are reminded of the intangible nature of tourism which is different from tangible goods such as motor vehicles or clothing which can be observable evidence of conspicuousness.
It cannot be overlooked because of its conspicuousness as it peers down from its aristocratic vantage position on the whole of the village.