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In the face of new circumstances, the faithful at large, pastors and theologians all have their respective roles to play, and patience and respect are needed in their mutual interactions if the sensus fidei is to be clarified and a true consensus fidelium, a conspiratio pastorum et fidelium, is to be achieved.
On Cusa's sense of conspiratio, see his De pace Jidei, in Nicolaus of Cusa's De Pace Fidei and Cribratio Alkorni, trans.
3) The allusion is to Thomas More's remark in Utopia (240), characterizing the English juridical system as conspiratio divitum.
The `conspiracy' of the title is conspiratio, a bringing together of many voices in a unified whole, a term used by Macrobius to designate the art of `allusion' or reconfiguration of existing literary models.
Not only is it difficult to pinpoint any to the time of the Conspiratio Barbarica but explaining these patterns by reference to specific events rather than processes will always give a constrained assessment of the undoubtedly complex relationships that took place.
Pius IX, in his bull Ineffabilis Deus (1854), famously speaks of the singularis conspiratio of Catholic bishops and faithful as one reason for the suitability of the definition.
Newman's desire to knit together the faithful and their pastors, as the bull of 1854 had done, to have them "breathe together," was in many ways duplicated by Vatican II which, in its own way, accents this conspiratio pastorum ac fidelium.
But this emphasis on episcopal authority does not ignore the conspiratio which is essential to the Church's judgment in deciding between a propitious profectus and an ominous permutatio.