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When I asked her about her official status as the voice and expert of immigrant groups, she laughs and says in a conspirational tone:
Omitted here are groups from, the lunatic fringe, radical religious groups favoring violence, racist, conspirational, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, Neonazis and other extremist groups.
Your editorial even suggests that a conspirational "London lobby" is trying to prevent Birmingham's having a taller building than Canary Wharf, apparently in the fear of the capital city's losing prestige to Birmingham.
To quote the Latvian poet and critic Gunars Salins, among the elements that lend Belsevica's story its remarkable contemporaneousness is "the conspirational urgency with which her Henricus engages the reader.
The court later rephrased this requirement: "A conviction under the CCE is justified when the jury has a unanimously agreed sense that the defendant exhibited such conspirational frequency rather than a shared sense of what those acts may have been.