conspire against

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The people conspire against the missionaries, and distress them.
His men conspire against him, confine him a long time to his cabin, and set him on shore in an unknown land.
And it's this gentleman's servant, I suppose,' interrupted the old lady, 'who has been skulking about my house, and endeavouring to entrap my servants to conspire against their mistress.
BJPs # AsteenKaSaanp & # Arnab conspire against BJP leaders.
He added that those who conspire against Algeria want to create chaos in the country and he called for confronting this plot so as to protect the country.
The intelligence services did not conspire against Morsi, it was he who conspired against Egypt.
He also hailed vision of Javed Hashmi and said that Hashmi was man of democracy and he could never conspire against democracy.
Now we have five more low-life Taliban to conspire against us and try to bring this country down.
Upon arriving at Jdaidet Yabous border crossing point on Tuesday, the Minister said in a statement to journalists that "allied forces in the world and some western countries who boast about being peerless in the world continue to conspire against Syria to destroy this brave country, but history shows that justice will certainly prevail, and the struggle of the Syrian people today shows this fact clearly.
He said that there are many factors at play which conspire against us, asserting that "portion creep" is one of them.
Both also discussed Pakistan-Afghanistan border situation, and Pakistan Army's professional preparedness among other vital issues, while they also reaffirmed their resolve to exterminate terrorism from Country, besides foiling their nefarious endeavours to conspire against stability and integrity of federation.
The second series of the Emmy-winning Prohibition epic picks up on Valentine's Day 1921, as the closest allies of Treasurer Nucky (Steve Buscemi) conspire against him.