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And while Maharashtra's Home Minister R R Patil is right in saying that the existence of dance bars added to corruption in the police ranks for several cops were benami owners of such bars, it is also true that since these were hangouts for criminal gangs, the cops also succeeded in gathering much information about crime, possible terrorism and other activities for the bars also served undercover cops well in meeting their khabris without arousing any suspicion among the conspirers. In this case, too.
The battle with these conspirers and thugs will have to take place sooner or later and the free sons and daughters of Egypt must get thoroughly prepared for the ultimate showdown with the evil fifth columnists.
Chairman of the National Reconciliation Committee at the People's Assembly, Omar Osi, said the features of an international settlement between the axis of resistance in the region and the US axis are becoming evident, indicating that the recent escalation in violence and terrorism is an indication of the conspirers' bankruptcy.
"The conspirers of the Mumbai attacks have become a hurdle in the growth of relations of both countries.
The regime still feels that it is capable of grasping the initiative after the defeat of the "conspirers."
On the occasion, Neelam interrupted her and warned that she should avoid accusing them as conspirers in the PPP as all of them had been diehard and sincere workers of the party since the time she was not even a member, but Azma did not pay any heed and continued speaking.
Those who sign alliances with the enemies of the unity are losers, the statement said, noting that all organizations are ready to face conspirers who are seeking to destroy homeland.
But there is a conspiracy to prevent that,'' he said, adding that if the ''conspirers'' try to implement their scheme, 30 million Nepalese would be ready to fight them.
But seemingly, they are the sort of actions that attract attention from conspirers against Yemen's security and stability.
Will Obama survive conspirers hidden in the shadows around him?
It included conspirers, accessories, those with a common purpose and in broad terms those who assist or support terrorists or terrorist organisations, (57) It opposed the definition of a terrorist act on the grounds that it included any unlawful act of intimidation for whatever purpose, political or non-political, (58) The MLA contended that Minister's power to declare an organisation a terrorist organisation was far-reaching as this power was not restricted to organisations that threatened the security of South Africa, but extended to any organisation jeopardising the territorial integrity of any other country.
(271.) See Thirty-Six Were Marked as Victims by Bomb Conspirers, N.Y.