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On the occasion, Neelam interrupted her and warned that she should avoid accusing them as conspirers in the PPP as all of them had been diehard and sincere workers of the party since the time she was not even a member, but Azma did not pay any heed and continued speaking.
Those who sign alliances with the enemies of the unity are losers, the statement said, noting that all organizations are ready to face conspirers who are seeking to destroy homeland.
But seemingly, they are the sort of actions that attract attention from conspirers against Yemen's security and stability.
Will Obama survive conspirers hidden in the shadows around him?
It included conspirers, accessories, those with a common purpose and in broad terms those who assist or support terrorists or terrorist organisations, (57) It opposed the definition of a terrorist act on the grounds that it included any unlawful act of intimidation for whatever purpose, political or non-political, (58) The MLA contended that Minister's power to declare an organisation a terrorist organisation was far-reaching as this power was not restricted to organisations that threatened the security of South Africa, but extended to any organisation jeopardising the territorial integrity of any other country.
See Thirty-Six Were Marked as Victims by Bomb Conspirers, N.
It's a necessary' lesson: Members of the Society of Jesus are traditionally scorned as the cerebral ones, mistrusted as elitists, conspirers, wielders of power.
The conspirers had firm control over the activities to be kept secret.
In the same year, for the first time in 17 years, the JFTC brought charges against the conspirers of a cartel under criminal law.
A civil society movement, known for its education and charity services and activities, is being labeled as a criminal or terrorist organization and many evil and ugly labels that reasonable and conscientious people would never accept, including gang, provocateur, traitor, conspirers of international plots and accomplices to foreign powers, are being used with respect to these people who have never been involved in any criminal activity.