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The public of County Durham and Darlington should be reassured that Durham Constabulary has, for the third year running, been graded as outstanding across all areas of efficiency.
When the Commonwealth government was established in 1935, the Philippine Constabulary became the backbone of the newly-created Army of the Philippines.
He encouraged the officers to address the issues and problems of their constabulary and boost their morale.
She added: "We are hoping to replace Peter with someone with equally as close community links, who has time to dedicate to the special constabulary, with proven leadership and management skills, and business acumen.
Lewis added that was also the case in relation to the speeding office in Morecambe, which was pursued by Lancashire Constabulary.
Mr Croshaw, who also volunteers at Walsgrave Hospital and his local church, spent his first 25 years as a voluntary officer in Coventry, before his rise through the Special Constabulary saw him take on forcewide responsibilities.
It tells of attacks on the Royal Irish Constabulary by the Irish Republican Army and the reprisals, the impact in Westminster, and how Winston Churchill, James Craig, and Michael Collins reacted.
Chairman of the Authority, Margaret Ollerenshaw, said: "The role of the Authority is to ensure that the service delivered by the Constabulary is efficient and effective.
We were trained by seasoned personnel and even boasted a horse-mounted platoon of constabulary troopers.
Sifwat Gayoor was going home when the bomber hit his vehicle at a traffic signal near the Frontier Constabulary headquarters in Saddar area in Peshawar.
The Moros came slowly to the Constabulary but by the end of 1903, Harbord's force consisted of 17 officers and 353 men, 102 of whom were Moros.
MATT BAGGOTT Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary