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Pursuing it with constancy, with a cycle of continuous emptying of the self, gaining a more realistic knowledge of myself, both my strengths and virtues.
Four dependent variables were included in the analysis: total mental toughness (SMTQ Tot); control (SMTQ Cnt); constancy (SMTQ Cst) and confidence (SMTQ Cnf).
Kierkegaard's Repetition (1983) could also provide us with some useful pointers with regards to constancy as well as repetition.
It has introduced the usages of spatial image derivatives for colour constancy.
To be sure, the notions of change and constancy alternatingly have had something of a pivotal position within the logical geography of ancient Greek philosophical thinking about the nature of time and reality.
Color is a diacritical and synthetic production of meaning based on selection and combination, whereas color constancy uses the unchanging ratios between surfaces to create the useful fiction of stability.
Fanny Price is an example of constancy in the sense of integrity--of wholehearted commitment to ethical principle in every aspect of her life, of character that remains firm and consistent in the face of temptation, discouragement, and disappointment.
Keywords Cointegration Error correction * Forecasting * GVAR * Impulse indicator saturation * Model design * Model evaluation * Model selection * Parameter constancy * VAR
Constancy is not just about consistency; we can after all consistently fail in some important task, we might consistently overindulge our pleasures, our fears and our fantasises and no one would regard such weaknesses as virtuous.
The aim is to clarify the basic concepts and the use of marking', introducing simplified procedures so as to reduce the costs incurred by companies, and imposing new and stricter designation criteria for bodies involved in the assessment and verification of the constancy of performance of construction products.
Unfortunately, we are taken in by a negative sort of constancy n the constancy of bad governance, the constancy of corruption and the constancy of economic mismanagement.
ISLAMABAD, August 27, 2010 (Frontier Star): Spokesman PEPCO has said that WAPDA was ready to ensure much better electricity supply during Ramadan especially, as the Mangla reservoir has attained its constancy level of 1202 ft, which is expected to be raised by September 2, 2008.