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Coronary & Structural Heart first quarter revenue of $941 million increased 2.6 percent as reported or 5.2 percent on a constant currency basis, led by mid-teens constant currency growth in sales of transcatheter aortic valves, reflecting the clinical benefits of the CoreValve Evolut PRO platform.
* Dynamics products and cloud services revenue increased 13% (up 15% in constant currency) driven by Dynamics 365 revenue growth of 43% (up 44% in constant currency)
Flynn wrote that a two-year license suspension was "extreme" and "unduly punitive" but noted that Constant's behavior warranted more than a public or private reprimand.
* LinkedIn revenue increased 27 per cent (up 29 per cent in constant currency) with record levels of engagement highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of 24 per cent
The report indicates that private educational services rose by 4pc at constant prices and 5pc at current prices, while health private services increased by 2.5pc at constant prices and 4.8pc at current prices.
Operating Profit Up 17% (IFRS) and Up 10% (Non-IFRS at Constant Currencies) in FY 2018
LinkedIn revenue increased 33% (up 33% in constant currency) with record levels of engagement highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of 34%
LinkedIn revenue increased 37% (up 33% in constant currency) with continued acceleration in engagement highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of over 30%
Getting everyone excited was the unveiling of the world's first 3.0 watch, Frederique Constant's new Hybrid Manufacture.
Considerable flexibility is possible with constant force springs because the load capacity can be varied by using different mounting configurations such as cavity mounts, multiple spring mounts, etc.
To retire the Paris-based prototype, scientists must agree on a number for the Planck constant. Its value is about 6.62607 x [10.sup.-34] kilograms times meters squared per second.