constant flow

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At some little distance from the farmhouse was a spring with a constant flow of clear, cold water, whence the family derived its supply for domestic use at all seasons.
Summary: New York [USA], Nov 23 (ANI): Social media giant Facebook is reportedly looking to clone Snapchat's streak feature, one that promotes a constant flow of conversation between two users.
The hydraulic system described below shall supply the same cylinder like the previous system, but it uses two constant flow pumps, which are normally gear pumps [4, 7, 9].
The pump comes with pre-programmed profiles for constant flow, flow ramps, pulsatile flow and concentration-based fluid delivery.
Because the GCHP systems are operated under partial load in the residential and commercial buildings during the most of time, the variable flow circulation pump will save much more pumping power than the constant flow circulation pump.
Excellent location provides constant flow of traffic into this service and OTR tire center.
They are linked with a constant flow of energy and information.
We recognize the need to have a constant flow of the most recent credit union information.
Balance valves that make it possible to adjust constant flow systems are often used in variable flow systems, but they waste a great deal of energy.
As its name implies, constant flow systems use a fixed displacement pump to provide a constant flow to the system.
Constant flow is often needed with long shot times or to supply several mixheads.
Additionally, being employed in this field means the mind is always working because property managers must keep pace with the constant flow of diverse situations and challenges that take place each and every day.
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