constant progression

See: perpetuity
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As technology continues to evolve, the next wave of Uconnect features and services is in constant progression and our latest Charger Pursuit application with our massive 12.
Today there is a split between the right and its electorate, and the crisis of the left and the right is at the root of the appearance of regular new centrist parties that deflate quickly, but mostly, it's the cause of the constant progression of the far right nationalist.
The central theme of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014, y Users on the move e, illustrates this edition's ambition to be the international meeting place for the digital security industry serving the end user, in tune with a sector in constant progression.
In the Under-8s age group, the Whites proved again that they are an excellent side against a spirited Nunthorpe team, while the Royals displayed their constant progression, having come a long way over recent months, and the Blues showed they are going in the right direction with a great attitude and spirit against North Ormesby.
com)-- Having come a long way from its humble beginnings, Jean Yip Group is no stranger to constant progression and expansion.
There is constant progression so we wanted Rio to study here.
I loved the constant progression and implementing the new moves.
In this same issue of BOWHUNTING, I am reporting on the great new bows for 2011, and in that feature, you will notice the constant progression in bow technology.
Belvedere, IL's Corey Murray pays a skeletal tribute to MJ's constant progression.
The two parties also agreed to encourage legal migration, highlighting the example of bilateral management in the field of legal labor, which shows a constant progression and a high rate of returns.
It's been a constant progression,'' Scioscia said of Schoeneweis.
One finds step by step, in this constant progression towards a spirit of separatism, the same gradual drift which led the Fraternity of Saint Pius X to refuse the 1988 Roman proposals," it says.

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