constantly recurring

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He vividly recalled all the constantly recurring instances of inevitable necessity for lying and deceit, which were so against his natural bent.
Where would have been the wonder, even, if those praises had found a quick response in the breast of Madeline, and if, with the image of Nicholas so constantly recurring in the features of his sister that she could scarcely separate the two, she had sometimes found it equally difficult to assign to each the feelings they had first inspired, and had imperceptibly mingled with her gratitude to Nicholas, some of that warmer feeling which she had assigned to Kate?
Strong's were constantly recurring to me, at this time; were almost always present to my mind.
To have a great gang of seven hundred, whom I could not know personally, or feel any individual interest in, bought and driven, housed, fed, worked like so many horned cattle, strained up to military precision,--the question of how little of life's commonest enjoyments would keep them in working order being a constantly recurring problem,--the necessity of drivers and overseers,--the ever-necessary whip, first, last, and only argument,--the whole thing was insufferably disgusting and loathsome to me; and when I thought of my mothcr's estimate of one poor human soul, it became even frightful!
One of those constantly recurring issues is the trash crisis, which has plagued this country for years and with seemingly little done to remedy it.
The maintenance work consists of the constantly recurring basic care and landscaping work.
JOHN RUSHWORTH FOR even the casual observer of Sunday night's Match Of The Day 2, there was a constantly recurring theme.
Not only would she come off dialysis, it would hopefully prevent the constantly recurring infections which weaken her body and make dialysis increasingly difficult.
Going against and defeating the oppressor as an oppressed is a constantly recurring theme that we are exploring in our lyrics.'
In the first week of August, Tehran published a book of 416 pages written by Ali Khamenei entitled "Palestine." The cover image was labeled "The flag bearer of Jihad to liberate Jerusalem." The volume was released to Western sources, who reported that the most constantly recurring phrases in the text in relation to Israel are "nabudi" -- meaning annihilation; imha -- meaning disappearing or fading out; and "zaval" meaning effacement.
This is a constantly recurring theme in a tragic setting that, in each case, victimizes Palestinians more and more.
Sydney, Dec 29 ( ANI ): Australia vice-captain Shane Watson is brooding over giving up bowling in Test cricket in order to avoid constantly recurring injuries which have plagued his career in the longest form of the game so far.