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Meanwhile, political parties that put up candidates for the constituencies included Al-Nour, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party , Al-Ghad, the National Movement, the Future of a Nation Party (FNP), the Reform and Renaissance, the Free Egyptians Party, the Republican People, the Socialist Popular Alliance, Al-Wafd Party and the Democratic Peace Party.
The ECP also said that copies of the Form 15 in few constituencies are not unidentifiable and readable during the inspection.
The second round will see the two highest polling candidates go head to head in constituencies where nobody claimed more than half of the vote, with the one securing the most votes today declared the outright winner.
He pointed that those whose appeals were rejected could resort to the relevant court if they were not convinced by the commission's decision, saying the first appeal was received from "al-Usud al-Hurra party" Free Lions Party (FLP) on the delineation of the national and state constituencies in the states of Kassala, Red Sea and the River Nile.
From a total of 577 directly elected Provincial Assembly (PA) constituencies in the four provinces, PTI won 55 PAs seats, and filed complaints in only 28 constituencies, representing less than 5 % of the total PA constituencies.
The Election Commission has issued detailed set of instructions putting restrictions on the presence of political functionaries in Patiala and Talwandi Sabo Assembly constituencies after the campaign period is over," State Chief Electoral Officer V.
The two states voted on April 7 in the first phase of polling where the five constituencies of Tezpur, Lakhimpur, Kaliabor, Jorhat and Dibrugarh in Assam and voters of the West Tripura constituency cast their franchise to elect their parliamentary representative.
Lauding Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's idea of including 15 to 16 constituencies for the list of primaries, Maken dubbed it a landmark decision, and added that it will usher in tremendous reforms in the political scenario.
Polling centers closed in all constituencies at 8:00 p.
It is due to make a decision on the new constituencies by the end of the month.
It is hardly proper for so many of the least populated constituencies to be within almost shouting distance of Cardiff - with six of the seven of these being for the south-east corner of Wales - within a short commuting distance of Cardiff.