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To comprise or put together. That which is duly constituted is properly made up and formally correct and valid.

Constituted authorities are officers who are properly appointed under constitutional provision to govern the people.


(Compose), verb be a feature, be inherrnt, be part of, belong, belong intrinsically, classify as, commonere, comprise, consist of, contain, create, efficere, embrace, encompass, form, include, incorporate, inhere in, involve, make up, produce, put together


(Establish), verb bring about, bring about by legislation, charter, codify, commission, constituere, create, creete by law, declare lawful, decree, designare, determine, devise, effect, effect by legislation, effectuate, empower, enact, endorse, engender, formulate, formulate by law, give legal form to, inaugurate, install, institute, invest, legalize, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, license, make legal, ordain, organize, originate, pass, prescribe, prescribe by law, put in force, sanction, set up, statuere, validate
Associated concepts: constitute a cause of action, constitute a crime, constitute a fraud, constitute an obstruction
Foreign phrases: Eodem modo quo quid constituitur, dissolvitur.A thing is discharged in the same way in which it was created.
See also: comprehend, comprise, consist, create, embody, establish, frame, include, launch, make, nominate

TO CONSTITUTE, contr. To empower, to authorize. In the common form of letters of attorney, these words occur, I nominate, constitute and appoint."

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The Ministry of Water Resources has been constituted with one constituent division, namely Water Resources Division.
The DHA authorities have also constituted teams for Multan rural, Shujabad and Jalalpur Pirwala.
All family homes constructed after the effectivity of the Family Code (August 3, 1988) are constituted as such by operation of law.
Out of the 824 fever cases admitted during the study period, leptospirosis constituted 8.
The share of five banks having the largest assets within the total amount of the banking sector assets constituted 77.
Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit held that neither the initial dog sniff of the package, nor the tearing open of the package by the dog constituted a search.
Contiguous Islamic lands in the Middle East and southeastern Europe constituted the periphery.
The Court of Appeal rejected both defenses, explaining that the statutory definition of what constituted a security deposit was broad enough to cover almost any advance fee charged by Trinity.
The court went on, however, to rule as a matter of law that the outer boundaries of what constituted a "limited group" referred to in the Restatement was a legal determination to be made by the court and not by the jury.
It is seen that in those societies where alcohol is not viewed as a dangerous product - but is highly valued and constitutes part of everyday life - drunkenness is not immediately associated with the quantity of alcohol consumed, but rather is constituted within social relations.
The plaintiffs had argued that the Marshfield physicians constituted an "essential facility" because the Blue Cross HMO, Compcare, could not establish a competing HMO in the area.
At the same time, it is only because there is this process of indiscernibility that the subject, in this singular moment, finds itself constituted.