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That which is consistent with or dependent upon the fundamental law that defines and establishes government in society and basic principles to which society is to conform.

A law is constitutional when it does not violate any provision of the U.S. Constitution or any state constitution.

See: fundamental, hereditary, innate, lawful, legal, legitimate, licit, organic, permissible, rightful, salutary, valid

CONSTITUTIONAL. That which is consonant to, and agrees with the constitution.
     2. When laws are made in violation of the constitution, they are null and void: but the courts will not declare such a law void unless there appears to be a clear and unequivocal breach of the constitution. 4 Dall. R. 14; 3 Dall. R. 399; 1 Cranch, R. 137; 1 Binn. R. 415 6 Cranch, R. 87, 136; 2 Hall's Law Journ. 96, 255, 262; 3 Hall's Law Journ. 267; Wheat. Dig. tit. Constitutional Law; 2 Pet. R. 522; 2 Dall. 309; 12 Wheat. R. 270; Charlt. R. 175,.235; 1 Breese, R. 70, 209; 1 Blackf. R. 206 2 Porter, R. 303; 5 Binn. 355; 3 S. & R. 169; 2 Penn. R. 184; 19 John. R. 58; 1 Cowen, R. 550; 1 Marsb. R. 290 Pr. Dec. 64, 89 2 Litt. R. 90; 4 Monr R. 43; 1 South. R. 192; 7 Pick. R. 466; 13 Pick. R. 60 11 Mass. R. 396; 9 Greenl. R. 60; 5 Hayw. R. 271; 1 Harr. & J. 236; 1 Gill & J. 473; 7 Gill & J. 7; 9 Yerg. 490; 1 Rep. Const. Ct. 267; 3 Desaus. R. 476; 6 Rand. 245; 1 Chip. R. 237, 257; 1 Aik. R. 314; 3 N. H. Rep. 473; 4 N. H. Rep. 16; 7 N. H. Rep. 65; 1 Murph. R. 58. See 8 Law Intell. 65, for a list of decisions made by the supreme court of the United States, declaring laws to be unconstitutional.

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These laws have no valid applications, not because every token of flag burning, speech by Republicans, or speech criticizing the government is constitutionally immune to regulation, but because such acts are constitutionally immune to regulation under rules the terms of which refer to certain disfavored ideas or persons.
With increasing ferocity, the Radicals discarded the legal jurisdiction guaranteed to states by the Constitution; deprived hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people of their constitutionally protected right to trial by a jury of their peers for crimes ranging from assault to murder; filled juries with Radical sympathizers and supporters; and gave compliant President Ulysses S.
Calling the House "the most constitutionally vulnerable of the three branches" to continuity problems, the commission recommended a constitutional amendment giving governors the power to appoint emergency replacements until elections could be held (thanks to the 17th Amendment, senators can already be replaced by gubernatorial appointment).
Other departments limit the use of deadly force to prevent the escape of dangerous subjects, even though clearly constitutionally appropriate under Garner.
Although these rules or audit positions remain subject to challenge constitutionally, they may also be subject to procedural challenges, since these actions may exceed a state department of revenue's rule-making authority.
The cases rested on claims that informed, competent, terminally ill adults are constitutionally entitled to physician-assisted suicide.
Our relation with the stars is constitutionally nonreciprocated; in King of Comedy--the ur text of the abject fan--we watch in horror as Rupert Pupkin and Sandra Bernhard insist that the Jerry Lewis character return their intimate feelings toward him, having insanely exchanged their mutilated egos for identification with him as their image of wholeness, their ego ideal.
Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) President Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo on Friday said President Rodrigo Duterte's threat to create a body to investigate the Office of the Ombudsman is 'at best constitutionally suspect.
The packet represents the first of many initiatives ultimately aimed to "turbo-charge" the cause of preserving constitutionally protected freedoms for years to come.
Schepp, "Where, as in the instant matter, there is no finding that discussing such matters constitutes a grave threat of harm to the child, there is insufficient basis for the court to infringe on a parent's constitutionally protected right to speak to a child about religion as he or she sees fit.
Greenawalt's main concern is to sort out the threads so he can provide guidance to administrators and teachers (and lawyers and judges) on how to stay within the constitutionally determined limits on religion in public schools.