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Pellegrini, "A thermo-plastic constitutive law for brittle-plastic behavior of rocks at high temperatures," Pure and Applied Geophysics, vol.
Constitutive Modelling Based on the Concept of Grained Inhomogeneity
constitutive accounts are the only explanation of the normative features
This was especially true for the new constitutive practices of science and occupations.
This account of constitutive goods can also help to address the concern that Den Uyl and Rasmussen raise in the "Afterword" about "Big Morality." Their concern has to do with whether there is something too tame about an ethical perspective founded solely on the concept of "human flourishing," as it does not seem able to account for the extremes of good (e.g., Jesus and Socrates) and evil (e.g., Hitler and Stalin), since "promoting [or attaining] flourishing" does not seem to capture the goodness of extreme good and "impeding flourishing" does not seem to capture the badness of extreme evil.
As part of the strategy to accelerate the constitutive sitting and in protest against outgoing speaker Trajko Veljanoski's violation of the rules of procedure, most SDSM lawmakers gave up their right to reply and counter-reply Wednesday and left.
In this article, a modified constitutive damage model is presented to elaborate the stress-strain behavior of rocks under the PSBSS.
Generally, we choose the constitutive parameters of biaxial anisotropic medium to match condition (E) in Table 2: [mathematical expression not reproducible].
Based on Gao's constitutive model, a modified strain energy function [18] for the incompressible rubber like materials has been proposed as follows:
In this article, a novel visco-hyperelastic constitutive relation based on Gent strain energy function is proposed to model rate-dependent behavior of a potential actuator elastomeric material under large stretch value of more than 1000%.