constitutive element

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For the first time in the half-century that the synod has existed, there is a pope who--with increasing evidence--seems intent on finally developing the potential of this permanent body and making it a constitutive element of universal church governance.
In December, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI called for stronger Catholic identity for charities, noting that "the service of charity is a constitutive element of the Church's mission and an indispensable expression of her very being.
2) the Hungarian features cannot be unequivocally identified, (3) the Hungarian style appears only as an episode, (4) the style hongrois is a constitutive element throughout the work.
The service of charity is also a constitutive element of the Church's mission and an indispensable expression of her very being (ibid.
He links belief, as a kind of action, with knowledge as a constitutive element in any aptly executed action.
argues that perceptions of group conflict are a constitutive element of diasporic identity for both Jewish Israelis and Palestinians living in the United States.
Prominent opposition politicians--most notably and effectively, Ronald Reagan--turned Carter's discourse into a pessimistic and constitutive element of the liberal view of America.
The last word goes to the fourth theme--lived performance in theater, dance, and music--beginning with Erika Fischer-Lichte, who argues that the constitutive element in medieval religious plays was their connection to Christian festivals rather than a distinction between theater and ritual.
Joron is not primarily interested in the materiality of the signifier or in demonstrating that words are the constitutive element of human consciousness, but rather in finding out what happens when the verbal layerings that delimit our perception break down, and non-existent spaces become available on their own terms.
The conviction of the evangelical preferential option for the poor, [as a] constitutive element of the priest's spirituality, is ever more intense.
In addition, this constitutive element approach drives the successful Elements of Fiction Writing series of guides published by Writers Digest, a series comprising such texts as William Noble's Conflict, Action and Suspense, Orson Scott Card's Characters and Viewpoint and Jack M.
To lose a church--as Africville lost Seaview--is to lose a constitutive element of the community.