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Inhibition of constitutively activated Stat3 correlates with altered Bcl-2/Bax expression and induction of apoptosis in mycosis fungoides tumor cells.
Peter considered that HAC1 precursor mRNA is constitutively translated but that its product, Hac1p of 230aa, is rapidly degraded due to the presence of C-terminal 10aa, whereas the translational product of HAC1 mature mRNA, Hac1p of 238aa, is stable because it lacks the 10aa, a destabilizer of Hac1p, resulting in the detection of Hac1p only in ER-stressed cells.
The presence of the antibacterial activity of the solvent extracts in this study strongly corroborates the existence of the constitutively expressed antimicrobial compounds in the whole body of many naive insects as reported in the literature [9,27].
When we overlook the functions of eNOS and iNOS, eNOS is constitutively expressed and primarily takes role in maintaining the vascular hemodynamics of tissues.
The gWiz expression vector was chosen on the basis that it has been designed to produce constitutively high level of transient gene expression in a wide variety of mammalian cells and tissues such as NIH-3T3, Cos 1, BHK 21, H2LA 33, jurkat and CV-1.
Further, we show that activation of p38 MAPK by expression of constitutively active MAP kinase kinase 6 (MKK6Glu) greatly enhances nuclear translocation of Xbp1s, reduces endoplasmic reticulum stress and establishes euglycemia in severely obese and diabetic mice.
b) principles constitutively a priori of geometry and mechanics (similar to Kuhnian paradigms and, as a consequence, not immutable but subject to deep changes during the periods of conceptual revolution);
Teffs constitutively expressed both [gamma]IFN and IL4--prototypical cytokines of Th1 and Th2 respectively; were able to proliferate and secrete higher quanitities of both cytokines in response to both antiCD3/antiCD28 and autologous tumour lysates.
1A]-adrenergic receptors (ARs) increases neurogenesis, learning, and memory in mice with constitutively active mutant (CAM) [[alpha].
De Lubac found in Aquinas that human nature is capax Dei, whether or not God has actually offered man the real possibility for divinization; as an intellectual nature intrinsically or constitutively open to the supernatural, no other end short of the beatific vision of the divine essence could satisfy the human spirit's appetitus naturalis ad bonum universale.
We have shown that transfection with wild-type 4E-BP1 or the constitutively active mutant 4E-[BP1.
3]-induced inhibition in myotube formation and muscle-specific protein expression was reversed by transfection with the constitutively active form of Akt.