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Brazilian mathematicians explain the augmented Lagrangian method for solving constrained optimization problems for engineers, chemists, physicists, economists, and others who use constrained optimization for solving real-life problems.
The competitive nature of the education industry constrained the ratings further.
Constrained firms, on average, said they plan to cut employment by 11 percent, technology spending by 22 percent, capital investment by 9 percent, marketing by 33 percent, and dividends by 14 percent in 2009.
2 : to restrict or limit <She felt the rules constrained her creativity.
One proprietary subset of metallocene catalysts has become known as constrained geometry catalysts.
Existing generating techniques [Bartels and Mahdavi-Amiri 1986; Lootsma 1985; Rosen and Suzuki 1965; Schittkowski 1980; 1992] aim at generating general constrained optimization problems.
26) A state's foreign policy options are either enhanced or constrained by the specificities of its domestic environment.
To test for invariance, the beta and gamma coefficients were constrained to be equal for each nationality, and the differences between the chi-square totals for the constrained and unconstrained models were assessed (Marsh and Hocevar, 1985).
The thickness of the damping layer in a constrained layer damping system can be 1/20-1/4 the thickness of the underlying structure.
A heavy slate of films with a significant capital investment by the major studios, still to be released before year-end, has constrained the budgets of the studios and pushed a number of expected film starts into 1998,'' Scott said in a statement.
Ultra-thin constrained layer materials are also manufactured.
We believe JMD's unique Multi-layer Organic (MLO) technology is the only choice for multi-band, high performance and space constrained RF circuits like the QUALCOMM AGN400," said Jim Stratigos, president and CEO of Jacket Micro Devices.

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