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Our new Constrained Parts Finder is a valuable tool for these organizations because it puts numerous worldwide sources at their fingertips.
Chapters cover functions of a single variable, functions of several variables, linear programming, constrained optimality criteria, transformation methods, constrained direct search, linearization methods for constrained problems, direction generation methods based on linearization, quadratic approximation methods for constrained problems, structured problems and algorithms, comparison of constrained optimization methods, strategies for optimization studies, and engineering case studies.
This research is the first to identify the impact on being credit constrained of being Hispanic separately from other racial/ethnic groups, to analyze credit constraints among those who have applied for credit, as well as to control for the effects of past credit behavior on being credit constrained.
As a person grows, he argues, genetically constrained chewing muscles lead to relatively small jaws, thus permitting the deposition of additional cranial bone to encase a large brain.
There were a number of interesting submissions for this extremely constrained problem," said Holl.
Commercial examples where metallocene catalysts are being used include polymers such as Affinity, based on constrained geometry catalyst technology from Dow Chemical, and Exact from Exxon.
Often, regional imperatives constrained foreign policy behavior.
The thickness of the damping layer in a constrained layer damping system can be 1/20-1/4 the thickness of the underlying structure.
A heavy slate of films with a significant capital investment by the major studios, still to be released before year-end, has constrained the budgets of the studios and pushed a number of expected film starts into 1998,'' Scott said in a statement.
Ultra-thin constrained layer materials are also manufactured.
In a world where the damage those regulatory agencies impose seems to vastly outweigh the savings expected from a very constrained line item veto, even its supporters might be better off with a strongly reasoned Supreme Court rejection echoing Judge Jackson's reasoning that ``we have not yet found a better way to preserve freedom than by making the exercise of power subject to the carefully crafted restraints spelled out in the Constitution.
In addition to being specifically designed for SDR and other resource constrained embedded and real-time applications, OpenFusion e*ORB SDR C++ Edition features many significant advantages over other middleware options, including: lower footprint and overhead, more efficient use of resources, faster throughput, and the most open and configurable architecture.

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