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16) The 'asabiyya dilemma is a primary security imperative constraining and shaping the regime's survival policies.
The constraining layer thickness can be from 1/10 as thick as the underlying structure.
In addition, methods of avoiding it and constraining or converting it to a less harmful form of energy often requires more than a casual look.
The Early Intervention Project of the Workplace Center has helped identify aspects of organizations that act as the forces promoting or constraining program activity.
The company's size, while constraining its potential for success in larger developed markets, provides the company with several competitive advantages in its core markets.
Expand's customers will benefit from the implementation of NettGain, which overcomes the limitations of TCP over wireless and satellite links where packet loss, delay, limited bandwidth and asymmetric links can become constraining factors.
Constraining the ratings is the difficult market environment for players, such as Copenhagen Re, because the reinsurance market is becoming increasingly concentrated, with larger shares of business going to the very strong and sophisticated international players.
Also constraining Peru's ratings is a low per capita income, estimated at US$2,300 in 2000, which underscores the government's limited taxation capacity.
The rating reflects Samarco's excellent cost position, steady improvement in credit measures and several constraining factors.
Factors constraining the ratings include Samarco's relatively small size, dependence on essentially a single product (pellets) and exposure to the cyclical nature of the steel industry.
NHI's high dividend payout and heavy bank-line usage are also currently constraining financial flexibility.
Negative spread remains a major constraining factor.

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