constraining force

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For jurists and commentators who view the Constitution as imposing strict limits on judicial lawmaking, the inclusive paradigm of precedent creates problems by infusing much of what judges say with constraining force.
The constraining force of the soft tissue is complex and asymmetrical, making it a challenge to represent," White explained.
He rightly points out that the key flaw common to most of the currently dominant approaches to literature is that they "emphasize the exclusively cultural character of symbolic constructs," and therefore create an intellectual environment in which natural scientific knowledge about human nature or cognition "can exercise no constraining force on culture.
This study was done in two steps: 1) First, we compared the lines obtained for the four hand positions for one wishbone diameter at one constraining force given for each of the six runs.
It also disrupts the actin filaments around the hair follicle which appear to exert a constraining force similar to that of a muscle fiber, Dr.
So the constraining force can be determined at any specified instant of ejection; and then the constraint boundary condition can be removed to predict the warpage and residual stresses of the part after ejection.
Some of the events since the end of the Cold War such as the Gulf War of 1991 are a result of there being no constraining force on US behavior.
One constraining force is, in the author's opinion, an institutional bias to support the auditor's assessment (i.
Four answers--two economic and two political--are commonly advanced: (1) capitalism strangled America's most generous local welfare state; (2) decline in jobs and population, exacerbated by growth in the Sunbelt and abroad, devastated the economic base and in turn suppressed government spending; (3) Washington, especially under Presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush, cut grants, the lifeblood of New York's social welfare programs; (4) finally, there is the regime theory of Clarence Stone and others, which stresses the constraining force of business elites.
Shrinkage at 177 [degrees] C as a function of constraining force shows a trend similar to tenacity.
From the undermining of the pipelines and the material rearrangement in the pipe zone as a result of the inflow towards the land side water resulting constraining forces of the pressure lines and movements particularly in the area of pipe sockets.
They all share the view of "colleges and universities as social institutions embedded in the wider society and subject to its constraining forces.

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