constraining force

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This study was done in two steps: 1) First, we compared the lines obtained for the four hand positions for one wishbone diameter at one constraining force given for each of the six runs.
So the constraining force can be determined at any specified instant of ejection; and then the constraint boundary condition can be removed to predict the warpage and residual stresses of the part after ejection.
One constraining force is, in the author's opinion, an institutional bias to support the auditor's assessment (i.
Shrinkage at 177 [degrees] C as a function of constraining force shows a trend similar to tenacity.
The main constraining force is that corporate debt levels remain high.
The constraining force of the soft tissue is complex and asymmetrical, making it a challenge to represent," White explained.
He rightly points out that the key flaw common to most of the currently dominant approaches to literature is that they "emphasize the exclusively cultural character of symbolic constructs," and therefore create an intellectual environment in which natural scientific knowledge about human nature or cognition "can exercise no constraining force on culture.
The constraining forces consist of our inner resistance to change on the one hand, and, on the other, our desire to conform to what we perceive to be the established social norms.
The authors present a framework for understanding the purpose, roles, and tasks of social work practice that is based on the assumptions that people are active participants in the construction of their world, but that social arrangements and social structures are constraining forces and that power is always present in human relationships.
These constraining forces will prohibit the administration from being more stimulative.
Although these factors have been explored separately, in practice, their interaction can result in a complex and problematic set of constraining forces for individuals who abuse substances.
Conversely, when constraining forces outweigh promoting forces the resulting equilibrium is expressed as unemployment or underemployment of workers with disabilities.

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