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Objective observers might view these efforts as constricted thinking and rigid behavior.
6 percent from what was considered a constricted market a year ago.
On closer inspection, however, she found that vessels that had initially been dilated became constricted, and those that had been constricted were dilated.
Some of these moves recall Siza's Galician Museum of Contemporary Art (AR October 1994, p 68) where the relatively constricted and modest entrance was in a corner of the building and the plan was organized round a generous and luminous central space.
Ken Furer, research analyst with IDC's semiconductor group, explains: "As margins become further constricted, IDC believes this space will favor only a handful of vendors that are able to ride the cost curve by specializing in this market.
Women who spontaneously lose one or more fetuses early in pregnancy are about 50 percent more likely than other women to later suffer ischemic heart disease, in which constricted or obstructed blood vessels choke the flow of blood to the heart.
But McClure said he has a plan to begin to relieve the constricted parking.
It responds to its constricted plot by using spatial and geometric patterns that are common in domestic planning on tight sites from Southeast Asia to Japan.
It is integrated into the existing email application environment, but it removes attachments from the constricted flow of fixed-bandwidth networks and intelligently manages the rules by which they are distributed, transferred, replicated and stored.
You've got the reality of the constricted nature of the pass, and a number of people wanting to go through it.
To mimic human atherosclerosis, he uses dogs whose coronary arteries have been artificially damaged and constricted by 60 to 80 percent.
PCH between Las Flores Canyon Road and Big Rock Drive remains constricted to one lane in each direction.