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We present the case of a 30-year-old Nigerian male who was brought to the Surgical Emergency Department of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital Ikeja 22 hours after he had inserted a constricting ring over his penis.
[6.] Perabo F, Gabriel S, Albers P, Muller S: Treatment of Penile strangulation caused by constricting devices.
I often see the impression of a constricting band over the dorsum of the foot; upon examining the shoes I always find an irregularity of the vamp that produces steady pressure.
Nasal Sprays - These drugs decongest stuffed-up noses by constricting the nasal blood vessels.
He conjectures that the condition could stem from cocaine's constricting effect on blood vessels, which hikes blood pressure.
This prosthesis, not constricting but liberating, that bears a title--Sans titre (Aloge de la paresse n[degrees] 1) (Untitled [In praise of laziness no.
Like a splendid moth emerging from its constricting, fusty cocoon, one of London's best loved cultural institutions has been gloriously reborn.
Art is a great means of getting perspective on all that's worrying, depressing, and constricting your life." Works of art are "going to take you into another's vision, only to bring you back to your own truth." Art is a "great tester of the fake, because it must be the real you that responds." But art, as we have learned from the political controversies of the last seven years, can also "teach us things about ourselves we would rather not know."
Geared toward a gay male audience, these books pretend to be about liberating the male form from societal and sartorial constrictions but are actually promoting a type of body fascism far more constricting than any three-piece suit could ever be.
Ordinarily, blood vessels respond to cold conditions by constricting to keep blood away from the cooling effect.
For too long, Sommer, who died at age ninety-three in January 1999, has been regarded wholly within the constricting frame of fine-art photography.
In Oporto, the site was less constricting than at Santiago de Compostela, so the building was able to have a more relaxed and almost Classical layout.