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So whether or not this method of constriction developed recently on Guam in response to the overabundance of mammalian prey types or is an ancestral trait in their native habitat remains to be explored, The evolution of species-specific venom components may have driven the snakes toward preferentially using constriction over envenomation for mammalian prey in order to conserve venom, or prey capture kinematics drove the development of certain venom components.
Even though the standard amount of constriction for Full choke has since been reduced to .
Motorcycle exhaust particulate enhanced constriction of rat aortic rings induced by phenylephrine (Tzeng et al.
Once the inflammatory process begins, it leads to swelling, fluid retention, constriction of blood vessels and a slowing or increasing of the movement of food through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
They convey the ritual nature of her work and underscore the theme of effort and physical constriction.
Just as fatty foods can clog arteries and heighten the risk of heart disease, a constriction of the blood vessels feeding the eye's retina may cause a progression of the illness, called age-related macular degeneration, said the report, which was published in The Archives of Ophthalmology.
Viagra is not the only treatment for erectile dysfunction, and a vacuum constriction device can be highly effective, Antonette M.
Laryngeal spasm is a sudden constriction of the muscles that bring the vocal cords together.
Choke can be expressed either as the degree of constriction from nominal bore size, or in terms of the efficiency of the pattern at 40 yards.
The musical is not especially deep or probing, but it does honestly convey the constriction of the closet and the social pressure that enforces it.
Thus, the people who should be assisting in the utilization of skills and preparation for the future are participating, sometimes unknowingly, in the constriction of Jenna's choices.