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When there were constrictions on both the margins and grooves were deep, division was complete.
Treatment was started with rapid maxillary expansion using banded hyrax expander, the protocol of alternate rapid expansion constriction Alt-RAMEC which consist of screw opening four times per day for a week followed by screw closure four times per week.
However, choke tubes can be described as having a specific degree of constriction.
Everything you have just read about choke-constriction dimensions applies to 16-, 12- and 10-gauge guns, and since the 20 gauge is growing in popularity among turkey hunters, I'll mention that when constriction percentages are the same, actual constriction dimensions will be slightly less for it.
The abdominal constriction response and its suppression by analgesic drugs in the mouse.
A variety of metallic and non-metallic rings causing constriction the external genitalia has been described in literature [6].
Most shotgunners are better off to stick with a choke constriction no tighter than improved cylinder.
It still takes some time at the patterning board determining exactly what the right degree of constriction is for the load being shot.
When the team simulated the constriction of the smooth muscles surrounding the airway tubes, they found some airflow resistance.
The fact that screw-in chokes let us conveniently and inexpensively try different choke constrictions with different loads leaves us without an excuse not to experiment.
the average constrictions expressed in American terms are: