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However, contrary to Donaldson's assertions that only the English language remained construable to Aboriginal speakers in 1979, as a non-fluent contemporary student of Noongar language, born a few years after that time, I immediately recognise a range of terms in that particular song text.
Barenboim immediately gets it, striking just the right note of unequal and near-equal modulations, of construable versus purely mechanical soundscapes--ensuring, as he says, that Bach's masterwork not only comes across as "the sum of everything that has preceded it, but also points the way ahead.
Mark Currie points out that narratives were no longer seen as stable structures or "buildings", but rather as "narratological invention[s] construable in an almost infinite number of ways" (1998: 3).
As an indication of the variation, an adverb modifying sneeze must be construable as modifying caused motion as a whole, as seen in the following contrast:
Although all of Erskine's words are construable as quoted from Hardy, Erskine also shows that Hardy's words are quotation.
The alternative possibility that the female robot may serve as an outlet for Fredersen's repressed emotions helps to explain the otherwise self-destructive consequences arising from his use of the artificial Maria to direct his 'will' over the workers--the full-scale rebellion which she brings about thus construable (in addition to what I argued earlier in relation to Rotwang) as the unconsciously willed return of his disavowed feelings (rather than as simply the result of a political miscalculation on his part).
In the first part of his book Rouse states his thesis, which is to justify in philosophy naturalism, construable as metaphilosophical in deference to science, or as philosophical in concert with sciences accountable to nature.