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Effects of metaphor advertising on brand extension evaluation: Construal level as mediator.
It is also termed objective construal. The experiential tone refers to the texture of the voice, whether authorial, narratorial, or of a character.
Findings showed that participants who had been prompted to think big picture (high-level construal) were more likely than others to make decisions that would maximize the total value - whether they were the ones who benefited the most or whether the others did.
It was used in conjunction with the ingroup construals the "Palestinian people," "other segments of society," "national and Islamic factions," "Palestinian refugees," "Hamas" and "entire Palestinian spectrum and resistance bodies" and the outgroup construal "people of conscience all over the world." The ingroup actions "serving the Palestinian people," "alleviate Palestinian suffering," "the Palestinian cause," "Palestinian suffering" were present within the same processes as the code at hand, together with the outgroup action "threatens our nation and region." The code has been expressed through material and relational processes.
Temporal proximisation is a forced construal of 'now', the speaker's present, as the central point and event frame on the time 'axis' (past and the future time).
In order to study the basic question of whether processing the same information on one platform or the other would trigger a different baseline 'interpretive lens' or mindset that would influence construals of information, researchers tried to hold as many factors as possible constant between the digital and non-digital platforms, health news reported.
(2016), "The effect of self construal on the intention to bid on an online group-buying auction", Computers in Human Behavior, Vol.
The theoretical framework for this study was guided by construal level theory and uses and gratification theory.
The dialectical construal I am depicting here is strongly based on dialectic taken as conceptual analysis, in which proceeding by means of solving obscure language or poor formulation of endoxic propositions is the main feature of dialectical enquiry (7).
The current research examines the links between NSE history and NSE construal and sexual satisfaction, while accounting for individual differences in affectivity.
Meanwhile, according to CLT theory, all kinds of psychological distances can systematically affect people's construal way of future events, thus affecting the preferences and choices (Fujita, 2008).
Central to this argument is the claim that Thomas escapes Heidegger's dismissal of ontotheology thanks to his analogical construal of being.