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Construal levels and psychological distance: Effects on representation, prediction, evaluation, and behavior.
Temporal proximisation is a forced construal of 'now', the speaker's present, as the central point and event frame on the time 'axis' (past and the future time).
distant places, times) trigger a more abstract high-level construal that is expressed through more general responses.
2012), "Personal or interpersonal construal of happiness: A cultural psychological perspective", International Journal of Wellbeing, Vol.
The association between psychological distance and construal level: evidence from an implicit association test.
Studies investigating the role of particles in the strategic construal of English PVs by Croatian and Spanish L2 users of English suggest that topological determination, i.
In order to study the basic question of whether processing the same information on one platform or the other would trigger a different baseline interpretive lens or mind-set that would influence construals of information, researchers tried to hold as many factors as possible constant between the digital and non-digital platforms.
Construal level theory shows that people can make decisions about things that they have not experienced by shaping abstract inferences about those phenomena, which are far in temporal, spatial and social terms.
a subjective perception of the distance between a person/perceiver and an event/object) systematically affects a person's mental construal (i.
1) The authors predict that raising the saliency of interdependence will result in greater global citizenship identification and related prosocial values than either independent self-construal or no construal (control).
To illustrate, when people who adopt an abstract construal observe the night sky, they may discern a pattern amongst the stars rather than focus their attention on a specific star.
And therefore, any construal of this particular provision of the Administrative Code must be consistent with Article VI, Section 25 of the Constitution and other relevant provisions of the fundamental law.