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Traffic problems and car thefts can be overcome to a great extent by constructing proper multi level car parking plazas.
Yet other Rs 460 million has been released for constructing Naulong Dam, Rs 10 million each for constructing Bara, Daraban and Pelar Dams, Rs 5,782.
8) In their most recent project in the Kielder forest in the English county of Northumberland Ayres and Leung are constructing dynamic objects which are initially the same and which then go through a number of generations to become physically specific to a particular locations.
The researchers are now constructing a system to transform the bugs into chemotherapy-delivering machines.
We do this by constructing WebQuests and Pathfinders and using lists of specific sites and information that we construct or are available on the Web.
Mass schooling was the most potent instrument of the British liberal state in the late nineteenth century in the urgent task of constructing a sturdy national identity as a response to dangerous rivalries abroad and threats of social disintegration within.
Misner's actions are emblematic of the Civil Rights Movement's patriarchal structure, in which officers of the leading organizations were male African-American ministers who did not allow women into their ranks even though women were not only very active but also highly influential within the day-today running of these organizations as well as in setting the agenda for the Movement and constructing a model of participatory democracy.
Constructing Christopher Marlowe includes two excellent essays on Hero and Leander but is also tied to the Shakespearean dramatic model, since the inclusion of one poem in a study devoted to "the drama" is largely a variation on the familiar template.
By constructing theology in this way, theologians attempt to resolve contradiction, difference, and instability by achieving closure and creating intellectual wholes.
He begins by constructing a model of a real-life situation (in the shape of his former studio), but by minimizing its scale he explores his own ideas of soziale Plastik.
In constructing the line representing its own return, for example, the company first would convert its stock price at the measurement point into a base amount (e.
In addition, Zulich says his company is examining the possibility of constructing an apartment building.

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